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This vine variety - especially found in the Seewinkel - was bred in 1900 by the vintager Clotar Bouvier in Radkersburg. The ancestry is unknown. We use Bouvier for the production of superior grade wines as well as for the production of Jungweine (young wines).


THE special grape variety for highly matured bouquet wines. For decades we have attached great importance to the improvement of this full-bodied grape. We produce sweet wines of all grade steps with an aromatic bouquet.

Scheurebe / Sämling 88 (grape purchase)

This vine variety has been used in the Seewinkel in very superior grades of wine. It was bred in 1916 by the German vintager Dr. Georg Scheu as a cross between Riesling and Silvaner. With its typical aroma it complements our extensive range of sweet wines in a wonderful way.


The Weißburgunder is - fully matured - a white wine with a nut or almond taste and balanced tartness. It is not only used for cuvées but also for the production of superior grade wines as this vine variety is elegant, has a harmony and is rich of essence.


THE dominant vine variety in our winery. We use vines from our own breeding programme (see vine cloning) which flourish on the sandy terrain of the Seewinkel. We also produce using Zweigelt silky gleaming botrytis wines with a delicious sweetness and a fine tartness play.
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