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THE dominant vine variety in our winery. We use vines from our own breeding programme (see vine cloning) which flourish on the sandy terrain of the Seewinkel. A complex character distinguishes this fine red wine grape. The name of this vine type comes from the Austrian vintager Dr. Fritz Zweigelt who bred the Zweigelt vine from a cross of Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent in 1922.

St. Laurent

is a vine variety with a very memorable flavour even in the early mature stage. This grape which produces a robust, fruity, deep-red wine is a recent addition to our vinyard. The vines descend from our own breeding programme (see vine cloning).

Teran - Zweigelt Cuvée

The vine variety Teran (Refosk) is one of the most important ones in the Slovenian karst region. It is a powerful wine with tart accents, rich in colour, with an intensive aroma and a full flavour.

Zweigelt is very often used as a "basis partner" for red wine cuvées.

This cuvée from Teran and Zweigelt is characterised by the many complexities of tannins, Mediterranean impressions with delicate mineral facets.
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