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Helmut Gangl works also on the breeding and cloning of vines. A clone is a vegetative descendant of a source plant. Cloning exclusively uses the natural genetic resources of the plant which are acquired through directed selection. In addition, the mother plants are always maintained under phytosanitary controlled conditions.

The transfer of the inheritance material in this case is only carried out through vegetative reproduction (refinement) within a clonal line. The grafted vine plants so-produced come to preliminary-stage and basis facilities and are also maintained under controlled growth conditions until they are certified.

Very important is the performance of the vine clones in the respective ecosystem. That is why we set a high value on regional circumstances.
The following vine clones by Helmut Gangl are officially recognised and are available on the vine market:
Zweigelt: Klon GU3 St. Laurent: Klon GUL2
Klon GU4
Klon GU5
Klon GU6
Klon GU7
Klon GU8
Klon GU9
Klon GUL3
Klon GUL4
Klon GUL6
Klon GUL9
Klon GUL10
Helmut Gangl is currently working on the cloning of the following vines from different viniculture areas:
Grüner Veltliner
Cabernet Sauvignon
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