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"The grapes may as well have a little stress." (Helmut Gangl)

The optimal location of our vineyard in the middle of the puddle area of the Seewinkel benefits the growth of the pourriture noble essential for our sweet wine production. Here there exists a unique interrelationship between humidity (fog production in the early morning) over the dips of the gravel area, and the sunshine during late summer and early autumn which aids the germination of the Botrytis cinerea.

The over ripeness of the grapes has a high nutrition potential for the mould. The fungi spores get through the cuticle (the grape skin) into the flesh where the breakdown of the grape starts. Through this natural process the grape skin gets perforated.

With the aid of the wind a continuous concentration of the ingredients of the grapes (all the grape sugar, fruit tartness and condiments) takes place. After the grape gathering it is possible with these dried-on-the-vine grapes - similar to raisins - to produce superior grade wines.

Are you interested in sweet wine production and do you need further information? Just contact us! Helmut Gangl will answer your requests.
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